E. Kneale Dockstader Foundation

Kneale Dockstader has been a resident of southern Chester County for 50 years. In 1978, shortly after Kneale retired from duPont, Kennett Township appointed him to the position of Director of the Southeastern Chester County Refuse Authority (SECCRA). SECCRA had just completed a successful landfill operation in Kennett Township, but resistance to siting a new landfill was difficult to overcome. As a result, SECCRA was in the process of shutting down. Kneale knew there was a continuing need for solid waste management, stating, "people don't stop making trash just because the landfill closes." He also knew that SECCRA, as a municipal authority, had capabilities that could be employed to provide for the communities' waste disposal needs.

2018 Dockstader Foundation Grant and Scholarship Recipients

2018 Dockstader Foundation Grant and Scholarship Recipients

Kneale determined to keep SECCRA alive as an operating entity.

He accepted the position of Chairman of the board, and he organized a plan to provide for the solid waste needs of the community. He sought and eventually found a suitable replacement site for a community landfill in London Grove Township. He acquired a permit, and began landfill operations. The facility continues to operate, providing service to the ninety thousand residents of southern Chester County. Under Kneale's leadership, SECCRA has amassed eighteen million dollars of assets.

After Kneale retired as Chairman of SECCRA, its Board of Directors unanimously resolved to honor him by creating the "E. Kneale Dockstader Foundation." This foundation actively promotes environmental activities in the SECCRA region with grants, scholarships, and beneficial programs. It will carry on Kneale's dedication to helping and improving the SECCRA community.