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Landfill Construction and Liner System

Landfill Liner ConstructionAfter time, moisture falls as rain and slowly "leaches" out of the waste deposited in the landfill and begins flowing downward.

Our landfill has a liner system that catches this "leachate," preventing it from getting out to the environment.

Not only does the liner system comply with all state and federal regulations, our liner design exceeds those requirements. This insures on-going and long-term environmental protection.

The liner itself is an inert plastic material which is 80 mils thick. By comparison, a thick trash bag is only 1-2 mils in thickness. When the liner system is built, each panel of plastic liner is physically bonded to adjacent panels by a heat fusion process. This means when landfill construction is finished, there is a multi-acre impervious liner separating the waste from the soil beneath.
Liner System Schematic. Click to enlarge.The leachate detection zone is a layer below the primary liner to capture any potential leaks before the liquid can exit the disposal cell. The leachate is further prohibited from getting to the environment by a second 80 mil liner, and 24" of compacted clay beneath. The detection zone is monitored weekly to ensure environmental integrity.