Other Items Recycled

The items below are only recycled at the SECCRA Community Landfill during normal business hours.


Auto tires 

$3.00 each

Truck tires

(no rims) 

$15.00 each

Tractor tires

(no rims or earth mover tires) 

$15.00 each

Refrigerant appliances

(we remove refrigerant) 

$12.00 each

Other appliances 

$5.00 each

Unchipped brush and limbs 

$45.00 per ton

Grass, leaves, chipped brush

(must notify office before dumping)

$20.00 per ton

(Less than 500 lbs. or delivered by a municipality) 

No Charge

Cell phones 

Free through Cell Phones for Soldiers

Automobile Batteries  


Motor Oil 




All other electronics 


Please note that our DEP permit forbids us from accepting electronics from business or institutions.  We can only accept electronics for recycling from individuals.