• Securing Loads: SECCRA will not accept any vehicle for which the load is not securely covered.  Click here for the full policy.
  • Weigh In/Out: If you have a permit number please allow weigh master to identify your number. Come to a complete stop before pulling on the scale and leave scale when directed.
  • Speed Limit: Observe maximum speed limit of 15 MPH for all vehicles.
  • Be Courteous: Reckless, unsafe, or inconsiderate acts will not be tolerated.
  • Await Directions: Drivers will be directed into the cell.
  • Stay on Roads: Please stay on the roads. Do not drive on the grass.
  • Clean up: Clean vehicle before leaving the facility and collect any trash which might blow or drop from your vehicle


  • Waste generated from within the SECCRA region only. Click here for SECCRA's service area. Waste generated from outside this area is not accepted. Waste includes household non-hazardous waste, TV’s, furniture, and clean up debris.
  • Commercial non-hazardous and "municipal-like residual waste"
  • Construction, demolition, lumber, poles, pipes – no more than 6 – 8 feet long, shingles
  • Tires (no rims) and appliances (special charges apply / report to office)
  • Branches, brush, leaves, grass (compost area – some fees apply / report to office)
  • Newspaper, magazines, junk mail, aluminum cans, bi-metal cans, etc. (recycling area – no fees apply)


  • No “Out of region” waste
  • No closed containers or drums – containers must be empty, clean, and open
  • No chemicals, hazardous materials, toxic materials, paints, liquids, and oils
  • No medical waste, hot ashes, lead acid batteries
  • No tree stumps or large logs