SECCRA will not accept any vehicle for which the load is not securely covered. This is defined as having a cover which is securely fastened to the vehicle itself so that no debris may blow from the vehicle. TARPS MUST BE SECURED TO THE TRUCK WITH TIES OR STRAPS. TARPS MAY NOT BE WEIGHTED DOWN. Covers that are merely draped over the load, partial covers, and/or covers that have been applied on or near SECCRA property are not acceptable.

The ONLY exception to this requirement is a single bulk item such as oneappliance or one mattress which does not require tarping but must be secured.


Should a vehicle arrive at SECCRA in violation of this policy, we will, on the FIRST OCCASION, allow the driver to dump that load and give him/her an explanation of this policy. The description and license plate of the vehicle will be entered into a log and a digital photo taken.

Should the vehicle arrive improperly covered ON A SECOND OCCASION, there will be a $25.00 fine added to the tipping fee and we will still require the driver to cover and secure the load

On a THIRD OCCASION of violating this policy, there will be an ADDITIONAL $25.00 fine, we will still require the driver to cover and secure the load and there will be a one week suspension of further landfill use.

Please make sure that your load is securely covered from the beginning of your trip. SECCRA thanks you for your cooperation.