Preventing Litter

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If you drive on any of the routes surrounding the SECCRA Community Landfill, you may notice that the roadways are very clean. This isn't because we have staff roaming up and down the road continuously collecting litter—it is because we control the potential for wind-blown litter from our site.

SECCRA uses a series of portable and permanent fences around the landfill to prevent or capture wind blown litter. The waste that blows against these fences is collected regularly and returned to the landfill for disposal. On windy days, SECCRA will assign as many staff as necessary to make sure litter is promptly collected.

Not only does SECCRA control litter on-site, but it strictly enforces a covered load policy for all waste vehicles entering the landfill. In addition, SECCRA assigns a crew to periodically collect litter outside, regardless of whether or not the litter was generated by vehicles traveling to the landfill, the landfill itself, or litterbugs. Staff are also ready to be dispatched to collect and dispose of litter in response to citizen comments.