Pennsylvania Bill to Increase Green Power Requirements

The introduction of HB (House Bill) 80 in the state legislature has opened the door to an important debate on the future role of renewable energy in Pennsylvania. SECCRA, as a generator of renewable energy, welcomes this focus and supports steps that will encourage more investment in renewable energy in Pennsylvania.  We have seen firsthand through our own successful efforts of using landfill gas to generate electricity commercially, that the creation of a public agenda for change can help trigger the power of innovation.

SECCRA believes that turning to wind, solar, landfill gas, and other renewable energy sources to help generate more of Pennsylvania’s electricity can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhance the protection of our shared environment.

We think HB 80 offers an aggressive and potentially beneficial approach to encourage electric companies to persue greater reliance on renewable energy.  But we are also mindful that caution is necessary in evaluating how consumer rates for electricity ultimately will be affected— especially since our economy is struggling to emerge from a severe recession.

We encourage you, the residents of SECCRA’s service area, to contact your state legislator to let them know how you feel about this issue.