SECCRA Starts Accepting Ecycling Everyday

Big news! Starting September 1st, SECCRA will be accepting electronics (circuit board televisions, computers, stereos, calculators, etc) for recycling on all days of operation. In the past, special events to recycle electronics were held periodically during the year. 

It’s simple to recycle at SECCRA.  Upon arrival at the landfill, pull onto the inbound scale where the weigh master will take the weight of your vehicle with your device(s) for recycling inside. Proceed to the small load drop-off area where you will see a building marked for electronics and place your devices into the building. Once you are finished, drive back down to the outbound scale where you will be weighed again. Drive up to the cashier window to pay. The cost is the same as disposing of waste—pro-rated at $59.50 per ton—with a minimum charge of $5.00 up to 160 pounds. As of October 20, 2015 we are now taking electronics from individuals (not groups or companies) for at no charge! It’s as simple as that!

SECCRA takes precautions to dispose of your devices properly. They are taken to a facility that is a member of the CHWEG and tracked by an independent auditor to ensure that all materials are handled responsibly. Any hazardous materials  will be removed and disposed of safely.