Disposal Costs for 2011

Most disposal costs remain the same for 2011, with the exception of truck tires, hich go from $6 to $10, and tractor tires from $16 to $25. This is necessary due to the costs presented to SECCRA for the recycling of these materials. 

Tonnage rate (pro-rated charge by weight) $62 per ton

Trucks, vans, trailers $5 min fee

Car, mini van, and station wagon $5 min fee

Unchipped brush and limbs $45 per ton

Grass, leaves, chipped brush (must notify office before dumping) $20 per ton

(Less than 500 lbs. or delivered by a municipality) No Charge

Auto tires $3 each

Truck tires (no rims) $10 each

Tractor tires (no rims or earth mover tires) $25 each

Refrigerant appliances (we remove refrigerant) $12 each

Other appliances $5 each