Single Stream Recycling - Keeping it Simple!

Single stream recycling is an important step toward meeting the goal of building a Zero Waste community. Single-stream recycling makes it almost as easy to use the recycling bin as it is to use the trash can. So for those of you who have resisted, there is  no excuse for not recycling.  Below are some frequently asked questions about single-stream recycling:

Q: What is single-stream recycling?

A: It simply refers to a new system that takes the two recycling “streams” collected and puts them together in one bin.


Q: Why are we moving to single-stream?

A: Using one collection bin for all your recyclables increases the convenience so that more people participate. Also it makes it more efficient for the haulers who normally have to run two routes. This decreases the costly part of recycling programs and lowers pollution with less vehicle miles.


Q: How are the materials separated?

A: There is new sorting equipment to automatically sort many of the materials.


Q: Does this lower the value of the materials?

A: Not necessarily. As long as you, the conscientious recycler makes an effort to not put EVERYTHING that seems recyclable in it, then it will be a success. Make yourself familiar with the material guidelines.


Q: What is included?

A: Paper – newspaper, office paper, junk mail, cereal and soft drink boxes, corrugated cardboard. Aluminum and metal cans – food cans soda cans. Glass – bottles and Rigid Plastics – 1 through 7.


Q: What cannot be recycled?

A: No plastic bags, materials in plastic  bags, plastic lids and caps, caps or lids on containers, non-recyclable plastics, liquids, ceramics or non-recyclable glass, diapers or bio-hazardous waste, hazardous waste, scrap metal, frozen food boxes.


Q: Where can I go for single-stream recycling?

A: Click here for a list of our drop off centers.


Note: this is for SECCRA’ s drop off centers only. If someone picks up your trash and recycling ask him or her for their specific rules and methods for recycling.